About me

On this page I will try to give you a chance to understand what kind of person I am, and introdruce you to some of my many passions. I am a bondage freak and a crossdresser, located in Denmark. (I dislike fake bondage). I have been in the scene for more than 25 years.
As one of my many passions I can mention ballet and high heels (16-22 cm) - love to stand in them until it aches.
Or my big love for tight corsets and posture, and collar shirts that keeps the body in rigid position and moulded.
My ground play rules are that all play has to be between "sane consenting adult humans". This tells everything about my values and no-nos.
My bondage passion goes in the direction of bondage with gear (leather, iron, medical etc.), and not in the direction of rope bondage and these strange persons who believe that they suddenly are Japanese and dress like such, just because they fooled around with a piece of rope (sorry rope lovers).
I enjoy conflict games / predicament bondage a lot, where I am forced to choose betwen two bad things, and also ruined orgasm are great to play with.
Covert bondage and collar games are also on the top of my list.
But also public challenge games, where I are in the "public room" with "almost" hidden gear on (e.g. collar shirt)
It might sound a little strange, but I am not into ordinary sex - only kinky plays. I also have very clear views on safe sex, which is an invariable demand for me.
An other passion of mine, is to let in luck/random into my games, so my play fate is decided by random.
I am not into verbal humiliation, but love other forms of humiliation like public games, wearing maids outfit etc., and forced urine games.
Being called bitch, slut etc. is a turn off for me.
I only play with persons that I've had previous contact with and with which I have at least spoken on the phone. I also like being totally controlled and public (safe) humiliation.
And also I only play with persons who themselves are into safe sex only. I also only play with hygienic persons for whom discretion comes natural.
And finally the persons I play with are of cause Dominant / Active and very much into Bondage :-)
I never engage in any kind of commericial contact.

Gender: Bisexual, polygamous male

Height, weight, age: 173 cm.- 66 kg. (BMI 22) - 48 years.

-Bondage (also longterm)
-Body immobilization
-Urine (under duress)
-Oral (under duress)
-High heels (16 - 20 cm) and ballet
-Corset (Very tight)
-Humiliation (not verbal)
-Predicament games
-Forced rimming (deep)
-Whip (as humiliating punishment only, not long whipping sessions - but likes bastinado)
-Medical bondage and games
-Forced feminization
From: I´m from Denmark (The Jutland part) and travel all over Europe.

-Nylon and suspenders
-Leather outfit/gear (male or female look)
-High heels and ballet
-Skirt (Leather)
-Collar shirts with high lockable collar. Made in Leather or fabric.
-Macintosh coat
-Maids outfit - classic style in french and pre 1900 century English look. (Only for humiliation, not cleaning your house)
-Secretary look (classic look)
Sexuality: Passive/bottom (save time - don´t even ask me to top you. I am ONLY on the sub side) & Crossdresser

Appearance: Slim, Short hair, no beard. A good looking guy. See me
(Doesn´t use make-up, but will use a wig under duress)

Measurement: Corset waist 25 -26" (63,5 - 66,5 cm)
Shoe size 40 (euro size)

Toys & Gear: I don´t want to show a list - but you can trust me when I tell you that I have a lot...

No-Nos: I detest any kind of sexual activity with minors. Me being naked in a game - I need gear :-).