• Who are you?[+]
    All my physical details and my turn ons and offs can be see under about.
  • What is your fetish?[+]
    Well I am facinated of many things like high heels, crossdressing and corsets, but I must admit that my biggest fetish is collar shirts.
  • Are you only into bondage?[+]
    Bondage is my main game interest. I also have other interests like medical, electric, urine and a lot more.
  • Are you claustrofobic?[+]
    I know this sounds very strange - but yes. But I have some simple ground play rules, that makes it possible for me to do even very advanced games.
  • Why can´t I copy the pictures?[+]
    To limit unauthorised copying of my pictures, the site has an anti-copy feature on the pictures.
  • Can I use your pictures on my own site, or post them in news groups?[+]
    As a ground rule, I do not allow people to use my pictures. How ever if you have a special request, please contact me. But to avoid misunderstanding, I will stress that all pictures and contents on my site is copyrighted and may not be copied or used without my permission.
  • Is it you on all the pictures?[+]
    Yes it is all me - except for the guest gallery of course.
  • Who are your playmates?[+]
    Well my number one playmate is my fantastic and very perverted girlfriend (she is the real thing). Besides her, I have a lot of playmates - both men and women.
  • Can I play with you?[+]
    Well, that depends on if we share the same set of of values, and you are clear on you boundaries and expectations. If you want to get in contact with me, just mail me.
    Remember I am only a bottom - so if you are looking for a top, then don´t contact me.
  • Can I get my own pictures in a guest gallery on your site?[+]
    The people I choose to have galleries from, are people I find exciting. So if you think that you have pictures (etc.) that you think will fit on my site, then get in contact with me, and let´s talk about it.
  • Where do you get / buy your gear and outfits?[+]
    A lot of my gear is custom made for me, but I also get gear from the best shops and providers. Take a look at my link collection.
  • Is all the gear on this site yours?[+]
    Yes it is all mine, with one or two exceptions.
  • How much gear do you have?[+]
    A lot. The gear you see on my site is perhaps half of my collection - so I think it is safe to say that I am a gear freak.
  • Can I get my link on your site (exchange Links)?[+]
    I only link to sites I find exciting. So if you think you site has a relevance for my site, then please mail me. Normal link exchance with porn sites is not my thing.
  • How do I get your banner to use on my own site?[+]
    Just go to Link to me located under link. If you need an other format, size or theme on the banner, then please contact me.
  • Can you keep me posted, when ever your site is updated?[+]
    Yes I can - go to Mailing list and sign up. I will NOT spam or pass on your adress to anyone!
  • Can I talk with you?[+]
    Yes, mail me for an appointment.
  • MSN / Skype / Yahoo?[+]
    I do have a Skype account. This is the only one I have and wants.
  • Are your not into rope-bondage?[+]
    No I am not!
  • Are you commercial?[+]
    No, this site is a private and non-commercial site all through.